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Welcome at Rita Jordens BVBA

Since 1997, Rita Jordens BVBA sells a magnificent and very exclusive collection of lead objects.

This handmade Belgian collection enables you to carefree enjoy your garden for many years to come. We offer you a range of objects in a very contemporary and austere design as well as a range which is more classic.

Ever since the age of the Roman empire, lead has always been the ideal material for creating strongly detailed objects that easily withstand the test of time.

Our collection consists of flower planters, fountains, garden lighting, statues, pedestals and ornaments. On demand, we are able to provide you with “made to measure” for fountains, flower planters and pedestals.

Thanks to you, we have been growing steadily for the past 20 years, and have been able to put a genuine Belgian product in the picture on the international market.